Prof. Dr. Amr Abdelaziz


Amr is Professor of Clinical Oncology and founder of SUN. The conceptualization of SUN constituted a paradigm shift in the delivery of oncology healthcare services in Egypt, in terms of continuity and coordination of care, focus on patients’ quality of life and standardization of therapeutic protocols to international standards. Prof. Elsaid is one of the most influential key opinion leaders in oncology in Egypt and the region. He is a previous clinical research fellow of Stanford University, where he conducted his doctoral degree research and was awarded a merit award by the American Society of Clinical Oncology for his doctoral research project. This was the first time ASCO merit award was given to an Egyptian doctor. Prof. Elsaid's clinical experience is immense spanning over 20 years of experience and over 25,000 patients under his care. His research experience extends from basic and translational research to multinational clinical trials as principal investigator of a nationally funded research project from STDF, and other international organizations including NATO Science for Peace program and multiple clinical trials sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry.  He has participated in no less than 20 multinational clinical trials as site PI, including Safe-Her, MODUL, ACCILOX, Gold GIST and others. Besides his clinical and scientific expertise, Amr has a track record of successful enterprises including SUN Oncology centre, and Egybiotech

Dr. Amr CV