Prof. Dr. Yasser El-Kerm


dr yasser

Dr. Yasser ElKerm is a professor of Clinical oncology in the Cancer Management and Research Department, Medical Research Institute, Alexandria University, Egypt. He is the CEO and Owner of SUN oncology center .Professor Elkerm is specialized in both medical oncology and radiotherapy. He received his postgraduate training at James cancer Hospital, Ohio State University, USA.

Since 1989, he has been working in Alexandria University, in 2008 he started the Specialized Universal Network of Oncology (SUN) as a leading private cancer center.

Dr. El Kerm is a breast cancer, colorectal cancer and genitourinary cancer expert, he has many publications. He has been an invited Speaker to several international, regional and local Conferences. He is also an active member of many cancer Societies like ASTRO, ASCO, ESMO, Egyptian Cancer Society.

Dr. El Kerm has many publications, in the field of breast, GI malignancies, Lung Cancer and other solid tumors.